Children`s Personal Belongings

Generally we don’t encourage children to bring their own personal belongings into school, especially not anything that is precious or expensive. School is a very busy place and things do sometimes go missing or get broken and we cannot accept responsibility for personal items or devote adult time into sorting out problems caused by personal items.

Some classes do not let children bring in anything at all because the children cannot then concentrate on their work.

Some classes do have a policy of letting children bring in something small sometimes, for example in golden time. Some older children do bring in small, inexpensive items to play with at playtime. This is acceptable as long as they are not got out in class or the dinner hall and as long as they don’t cause any problems. If they cause problems, then they may either be confiscated or banned.

Children are not allowed to bring their own footballs into school.

Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones, or other digital devices into school, unless a family member has made a specific agreement with a member of staff. The phone will then be stored securely in the school office.