The Governing Body is made up of nine people who represent different aspects of our school life: school staff, the head teacher, family members, members of the wider community, and representatives of the Local Authority Lancashire County Council.

The full Governing Body meets once a term and its role is to ensure the smooth running of the school. The Governor’s Handbook, which offers guidance on the role of the school governor, is available on the website.

There are two working committees: Standards (click here for the Standards Committee’s terms of reference), and Resources (click here for the Resources Committee’s terms of reference).

We encourage all the governors to be as involved in the life of the school as they can be. That’s easy for those who work here, but others come in to visit children and staff in the classrooms, and also meet with the Head Teacher.

Being a school governor is very rewarding but sometimes quite demanding. Most governors say that what they find most rewarding is knowing that their time and effort has made a real difference to the school. That means that the children have as positive and valuable a time as possible.

It is true that you only have one chance to be a child – we work hard to make it as good as possible for children at Ridge Community Primary School.

As at March 2020 our Governing Body is made up of:
Co-opted Governor – Mr Phil Hudd (also Chair Of Governors).
Co-opted Governor – Recruiting at the moment
Co-opted Governor – Mr Tim Hamilton-Cox
Co-opted Governor – Mrs Carole O’Hare.
Local Authority Governor – Ms Lisa Richardson
Staff Governor and Headteacher – Miss Claire Bright
Staff Governor – Mrs Pauline Wilkinson.
Parent Governor – Recruiting at the moment
Parent Governor – Recruiting at the moment

Our governing body membership and committee structure (as at 05/01/2016) is available here.

Our governors’ register of business interests (as at 15/09/2015) is available here.

Our governors’ 2016-17 meeting attendance register (as at 01/04/2016) is available here.