Homework Policy March 2020


Homework should support our school aim of raising achievement.

The purpose of homework

For homework to be purposeful it should:
• Contribute positively to raising children’s achievements
• Promote interest
• Help to foster positive attitudes to learning
• Give children opportunities to engage in activities and other research related to school themes and their own interests
• Provide opportunities for children and their families to work together with school
• Be appropriate for the child.

We believe that children should have a wide range of opportunities to develop their characters both in and out of school through, for example, playing, taking part in sporting activities, belonging to clubs, playing a musical instrument and listening to music. As such it is the school’s aim to promote a positive attitude to learning at home and use homework as an opportunity to create talking points and develop personal interests as well as support academic development.

Home Learning Opportunities

There will be a variety of home learning opportunities provided by the class teacher which will include reading books at least three times a week and other reading activities, word, phonic and spelling investigations, practical mathematical problems or games and other activities supporting whole class or whole school themes. The curriculum newsletter from class teachers will give families some ideas for homework linked to the class topics that will provide opportunities to consolidate and enhance their learning. These may include:

• Ideas for research topics
• Web sites and books to use for research
• Fiction related to the topic for wider reading
• Places to visit
• Films and television programmes to watch
• Activities to try.

We have a variety of home learning resources available on the internet through the school web-site. Every child and family has been sent log-on details for these – Bug Club, Study Ladder, Espresso and Busy Things.

When homework will be given

If children are to make the expected progress each year, they will need support from home. Every child needs to aim to read at home daily as well as complete other activities during the week. Every child has spellings and basic maths work every week. The older children will be expected to complete more homework activities.

Other homework will be given regularly, when the class teacher feels it is appropriate and best supports the learning in class.

Partnerships with families

It is the aim of the policy to promote an interest in learning that can be shared and developed with members of a family or carers, so any work or comments on homework activities are welcomed in school and often used to generate class discussion.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Review Date March 2021
This policy will be reviewed by the SLT annually.

You can download this policy as a PDF by clicking here.