School Uniform and Book Bags

Our school has a set uniform, which we expect all children to wear every day. If it isn’t possible for a child to wear the school uniform one day, please speak to their class teacher or the School Office about the reason.

Uniform and book bags with school logo can be purchased from Uniform and Leisurewear Company on Common Garden Street, LA1 1XD.

Otherwise, the uniform can be purchased from high street stores.

Girl’s Uniform

Boy’s Uniform

P.E. Kit 

Please put your child’s name on everything as it is very hard to re-unite lost property with its owner.


We’d prefer children not to wear earrings, but if they do…
It must be no more than one stud (not hoops or hooks) in each ear lobe.
The child must be able to remove them themselves for swimming and PE lessons.
In the first six weeks children must be able to cover their studs with plasters (brought from home) for swimming and PE lessons.
It’s best to have piercing done in the Summer Holidays.