Information for Staff


All new staff and visitors to school should receive our Welcome Pack, summarising our ‘school rules’ for health and safety and safeguarding. New ‘contractors’ (regular visitors and maintenance contractors) will be asked to sign the Contractor Induction folder to confirm that you have read this information. Please ask at the office if you need to see the Welcome Pack.

Detailed policies, procedures and guidance (such as the Health and Safety policy) are available on the shared staff drive – please ask if you need help finding information.

The school’s Health and Safety staff representatives are Mrs Yvette Pullen and Mrs Susan Gordon (Site Supervisor).

The school’s Educational Visits Co-ordinator is Mrs Julie Taylor.

The school’s staff well-being representative is Ms Julie Taylor.

Personnel Policies

Detailed policies, procedures and guidance are available on the Lancashire County Council School’s Portal website – please ask if you need help finding information. In-school and supplementary policies and procedures are available on the shared staff drive, in the ‘Policies’ folder.

Privacy and Data Protection

The school collects a range of information about personnel who work in the school, including  personal data including identifiers such as names and National Insurance numbers and characteristics such as ethnic group, employment contracts and remuneration details, qualifications and absence information.

When you give us this, we ask you to sign to give us consent to hold and use this information in the course of our work, including in the management of your contract; in the event of an emergency, and in our role in safeguarding the children we work with.

Sometimes we have to share limited personal information with professional agencies, such as Social Services or the police, or external agencies like our payroll provider. We will usually talk to you before we share information with these agencies, unless there is an urgent legal or safeguarding need.

We will not share information about you with third parties without your consent, unless the law allows us to.

We are required, by law, to pass on some of this personal data to:

• our local authority, Lancashire County Council.
• the Department for Education (DfE).

If you require more information about how the school, the Local Authority, or the DfE store and use your personal data please visit our Information Governance page.

If you want to see a copy of information about you that we hold, please contact the School Office.

Safeguarding and Child Protection:

The school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Kerrie Boardman. The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Catherine Simmonds and Miss Claire Bright.

Click here to view Schools Safeguarding Induction Pack Sept 2020.

Click here to view the amended Guidance on Safer Working Practices in Schools GSWP COVID addendum April 2020 final-2. Supplementary to this document is our Code of Conduct (Autumn 2018) and Adult Dress Code (Spring 2019).

Click here to view the Department for Education’s Keeping_children_safe_in_education_Sep_2020

Click here to view the Working together to safeguard children 2018 guidance.

Please see the Safeguarding page to read the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.