Educational Visits And Activities

School organises regular visits for each class.

We will write to you and give you as much notice as possible before visits happen – especially if there is a cost involved.


In the past the school has always heavily subsidised all visits and activities. This year however, we are facing significant financial challenges, and will only be able to continue to provide children with these enrichment opportunities if families are willing to support them, including making financial contributions.

The school’s policy on charges for activities and visits is that:

The school requests that families make a financial contribution to certain curricular and extra-curricular activities (such as class visits), but does not exclude pupils who are unable to pay.

(See our Policies page for further details.)

The school wishes to be supportive to families in difficult circumstances, so if you have any concerns about making contributions, please either come into school and speak to the office staff about setting up a phased payment plan, or speak to a member of our family support team who may be able to refer you for further advice or assistance.


A lot of our visits are covered by ‘local visits consent’ which is a section in the Pupil Information Pack that we ask you to fill in each Autumn Term.

For visits that are going further afield we will ask you to sign and return a slip which gives us permission to take your child on the visit. For residential visits and visits including adventurous activities we will ask you to complete a longer form giving more detailed information and consent.  It is really important that we get these forms back by the deadlines given, so that we can ensure proper arrangements are in place to keep children safe, before the event happens.


When we take children on visits out of school we always take a list of children’s contacts (families’ names and telephone numbers), and information about any medical needs. Therefore it’s really important that you complete the Pupil Data Form that we send home each September, and that you let us know if anything changes.